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              Test News Automatic production line has become an inevitable trend in future manufacturing plants

                     In modern production lines, more and more attention is paid to flexible production. The automation of loading and unloading robot machinery and equipment is the general trend of manufacturing development in this century. The robot industry will be a sunshine industry. The future century will be a century in which robot technology is extremely developed. Creative work.

                      Automatic production lines and highly automated processing equipment have become an inevitable trend in manufacturing plants in the future. Single and ordinary special processing machine tools are more and more replaced by versatile, standardized machine tools and flexible automated production lines in large-scale processing. For example, when loading and unloading CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC vertical lathes, CNC grinding machines, CNC gear grinding machines, etc., the rough material may weigh several kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms, as well as small Parts are loaded and unloaded frequently, and the handling of large motor housings, engine housings, reducer housings, etc. is also time-consuming and laborious, directly affecting work efficiency, machine tool utilization, and production safety. At present, the handling of such parts has already been automated in developed countries in Europe and America. In the field of robotic and automated industrial production.

                      The versatility and programmability of the robot determine that it will eventually replace some other equipment and personnel. Especially in production, robots are closely connected with us humans. Because of its versatility, robots can increase production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs in many ways. For a market where products are constantly changing, the cost of readjusting and programming robots is much lower than that of readjusting solidified machine tools and training personnel.

                      In addition, because the robot has undertaken a lot of dangerous or annoying work, many occupational diseases, work-related injuries and the high costs that have to be paid can be avoided. In addition, because the robot always completes its work in the same way, the product quality is very stable, which will also bring certain benefits to the entrepreneur; the robot can work 24 hours a day, the productivity of the product can be predicted, and the inventory can also be Get better control. Each cost savings in the total value of the product will provide the product's ability to compete in various markets. Another advantage of the robot is that it can be used for small batch production and has high flexibility.

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